Thursday, December 1, 2011

pretty little details.

art lockdown in the studio has put a stop to posting finished works. (nothing's truly ever finished in my eyes concerning paintings, but as close to finished for now) i am giving little zoom-in views of what i am working on, struggling with and experimenting for my final critiques. enjoy!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

diptychs, triptychs, intuition and synchronicities

i tend to think in diptychs and series lately. maybe it's my way of focusing my energy while thinking ahead, or just a duality complex i seem to have. doodling "smile now, cry later" all over my sketchbooks in jr. high may have something to do with that hehe...since my last post, i have completed 2 paintings, started a new painting (which is part of a triptych i am working toward completing before my next BFA critique) and have started to incorporate my own intuitive creations in my backgrounds. here is a glance at what has been going on in my world...

Saturday, September 10, 2011

it's been a long time...i shouldn'ta left you

so...this is what i've been up to lately.... from the 5th or 6th stage, to the stage it is in's not even half way done, but i wanted to give a sample of things to come. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

up for critique soon

so, if you wonder what i have been up to... i have been dedicating much time to my conceptual work, preparing for critiques, and incorporating others into my work, to allow more interpretations for my dream-like parallel universe in paint. here is what i have been working on, still in progress of course but up to the chopping block come this monday! i'll be in the studio all weekend...

Thursday, February 17, 2011

a glimpse into the process...

since i started painting, and really understanding the world of building up substance and body, i have loved that moment where the first layers of oil paint become a base, and the rest is like butter on top of butter on top of juicy paint. i am on a partial self-imposed/partial school imposed art lockdown, and i am sharing a detail from the new piece i am working on. it's got a ways to go, but i love looking back at the start of what i've done to what it is now. i hope you enjoy this sneak peek as well... more to come!

Monday, January 31, 2011

colors, colors, colors...

i spent  many years (as can be seen from my old yearbook photos and beyond) dressed in black, black, and more black. when i wanted to add some color into my life, i still managed to wear a black hoodie or black cardigan to the mix and the color was stifled. Now, i shy away from excessive black to bring forth fruity, sweet, and bold hues in my everyday life as well as my artwork. In tribute to the nice sunny day in the bay, and my first day of the semester, i am sharing some of my most colorful artwork in hopes of bringing a smile to your face. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

charcoal memories...

i miss the feel of vine charcoal in my hands... the looks on the faces of the students i would assist in beginning drawing, as well as those who would carry on to figure drawing. there is something about the classroom at cos that i haven't seem to have found here at sonoma state. maybe it was the chemistry of a junior college that helped shape the way i see my work, and that of others. nonetheless, i take in all i can here at university, and sort through what i am experiencing now. i have an attachment, or a soft spot if you will, for bamboo skewers, kneaded rubber erasers, vine charcoal, and strathmore drawing pads. give me these and a drawing horse and i am one content girl. here are some charcoal drawings from studies over the years...